Is there a template for the scholarship applications?

Yes. During the open application period, you will see online portals on our Apply for Funding page where applicant organizations can input profile information and upload a 3 to 5-page project proposal. In progress application drafts cannot be saved.


Are research programs funded by the Foundation?

The Foundation has funded projects that involve program evaluation. However, for a program to be selected for a scholarship award grant, student engagement is essential.

Are there any topic areas applicants should avoid?

The Foundation’s mission is to advance public health and improve patient outcomes, therefore, the Foundation is not seeking applications that advance business interests. This means projects focused on profitability or efficiencies for community pharmacists or pharmacies will not be considered. The Foundation will not consider projects that advance the profitability of the industry or advance the profession, nor the advancing of the role of pharmacy. However, we are interested in how pharmacy-led interventions may improve patient health.

Can my school submit innovative topics beyond the examples listed?

Yes. However, project concepts that have been in existence for many years are not likely to be awarded. For example, while medication therapy management (MTM) provides a valuable experience for pharmacists to better care for patients, it is not a novel concept and for that reason, would not be a high priority for the Foundation’s scholarship program.


Is there a budget template?

Yes. The budget template can be downloaded from the main application page.

The award will be up to $20,000. Applicants should plan on requesting and receiving no more than that amount. However, if you would like to advise us of funding from another source, or if you are contributing matching funds, you may list these funds on the budget template in the column indicated. Please do not list in-kind contributions of more than $10,000.

When identifying how the scholarship funds will be applied, are there any funding areas that are off-limits?

The NACDS Foundation requires all funding to be directed toward project activities that benefit students and patients. We do not provide funding for:

  • General operating funds for the applicant
  • The rental of space to conduct project activities
  • Indirect costs
  • Honorariums for faculty presentations
  • Projects primarily focused on advertising and awareness campaigns
  • Student enrollment in certificate programs
  • Student scholarships
  • Travel for faculty
  • Medication
  • The writing of research papers at the end of a project

What are some of the most common budget mistakes?

  • Budget items are not specific
  • The budget is confusing/the numbers do not add up
  • The budget includes items that are identified on the website as not being permitted (advertising/marketing, for example)
  • The budget consists primarily of the awarding of student scholarships
  • The project describes deliverables that do not seem possible with the funding amount being offered and there is no explanation of how it can be accomplished (in kind/prior funding)
  • The budget includes faculty salary that does not appear to be directly and solely connected to the project and/or there is no explanation of why the additional funds are needed for faculty


If my project description violates a rule and is disqualified, will I be notified?

Unfortunately, we cannot consult with each applicant. However, if the academic scholarship assessment working group determines that an application deserves to be in the final round of consideration, yet has a minor flaw that can easily be corrected, we may, at our discretion, reach out to the applicant and request a modification to the application prior to the final selection of awardees.

What kind of reporting is required if my organization is awarded funding?

The Foundation’s Scholarship Program requires winning schools to report twice in a 12-month period following the awarding of the grant, at the six-month and one-year mark. We ask applicants to design valuable and sustainable projects that are to be completed within a year. However, if more time is needed, we require the reporting to continue every six months until completion. The template for the reporting form can be found on the main application page.

Can a school win two years in a row?

Yes. Each year, the projects are considered on their merit, independent of prior applications and/or awards.

Can a previously submitted program proposal be considered for future awards?

Past applications which did not receive an award are eligible for resubmission with substantial updates. However, the faculty member submitting the application should seriously evaluate the project based on the elements of scope, relevance, feasibility, and innovation.

What if my project is already underway? Must the project be brand new, or will you consider supporting an existing program?

Existing programs will be considered, provided the applicant is requesting funds to expand it in a new or innovative way. We realize that with the funding we are awarding, it can be challenging to start a new program from scratch. For that reason, we welcome project origination as well as project expansion.

What if I have questions? Can I run my project description by someone at the Foundation to see if there is interest?

No. The Foundation cannot field questions from individuals seeking guidance on the application process. What we tell one candidate, we must tell everyone. For that reason, we direct applicants to the website/FAQs, to our press releases from prior events which describe award-winning projects.

My school is in the final stages of accreditation. Can we apply for an NACDS Foundation Scholarship Award?

Unfortunately, no. The Dean of your institution will be invited and is encouraged to attend the program. However, your school may not apply for NACDS Foundation funding until full accreditation is awarded by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

Who should submit the application for the NACDS Foundation Scholarship application?

The Dean of your institution, or a faculty member on behalf of your Dean. Student involvement is permitted, but a senior faculty staff member must lead the application process.

Can the application describe a student-led initiative?

While student participation is an integral component of an award-winning application, the initiative should be foundationally supported through strong academic faculty leadership.

If we miss the deadline for submission, can an exception be made?

No. The Foundation cannot accept applications after the deadline. The application portal will be inaccessible at midnight EST on the last day of the application period.

If our school was not chosen to receive an award, can we request a review or feedback?

Unfortunately, the Foundation will not provide specific feedback on why an application was or was not chosen. We encourage applicants to visit our website for the full description and press release summarizing each winning program and consider how these programs may have been a better fit for the Foundation’s mission based on the guidance we provide on our website.